Billionaires dating buddies

JAIME TARDY: Wow, so how did you decide to do that?

Because nowadays, I mean there’s huge analytics and where you should put buttons and what colors they should be and stuff like that. Did you just try and make it look nice and easy to use? GARY MANCUSO: You know what’s funny, I’m really picky and I’m like sometimes a little neurotic with things but we’ve literally had dozen of sites now and it’s funny, whenever you go to a designer before they build the site they’ll do like a mock up page and it kind of just seems, I don’t know if I have good luck, like 9 out of 10 times they do such a great job, I just take what they have and I change it.

He was a local guy that grew up in that town and he always was a great guy. I’m like man these people here have been going there for years. I just stumbled upon this place, it was a nightclub and it had a cabaret license so you were allowed to have a DJ and dancing. You just have a bar and you don’t have a dance floor. So what made you know that that would be a good opportunity? I’m not really a morning person and I figured it would be fun. It’s funny because at the time I didn’t even have a computer. That was in, I think it was roughly 1999 when we first started talking about the dating website but I’m not 100 percent. Though other claim to be big but Match is really like the one that everyone knows. Then there were several other ones; I remember the names. They bought Lava Life and they bought Kiss, they bought You Date.

Gary is co-owner of Elite, an online dating company with Victor Daniels and Christopher Gravagna, who I interviewed a few weeks ago, so I am really excited to hear more about Elite Mate. When I got out of high school I took a year off and I decided to go into business for myself and I have pretty much been in several different businesses throughout my whole 20s until I started doing the websites.

I’ve always dabbled in different businesses and totally random things too.

We really started on the street like guerilla marketing.

We literally, I mean there was a time when we first started where we were like kind of just focusing on getting it going. I don’t even remember but I would go do that a couple times a week.

Even if we were, I was thinking, I’m like you know what we’re not going to have a database anyway.

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Millionaire Interview Gary Mancuso – Co-Owner of an Online Dating Site. Right Click to Download the MP3. Gary Mancuso – Co-Owner of an Online Dating Site. Gary describes the early days of Elitemate, from going out on the street recruiting to explaining that online dating wasn't just for. 
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Billionaires dating buddies introduction

Billionaires dating buddies

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