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Consolidating all photos in iphoto

My approach would thus mean that we would lose stars & face tags, but we considered this an acceptable trade off. This would allow us to find more duplicates, even if the EXIF information had been edited; however it runs much, much slower than just using MD5 so I chose not to use it.Consolidating and de-duping the libraries would be worth it. One worry I had was how to make sure I got hold of all the originals from i Photo.We had about 25,000 photos in one library from a previous (unsuccessful) attempt at consolidating libraries.We had two further libraries containing about 13,000 and 10,000 images each, and a fourth i Photo library on a separate machine, plus the aforementioned random grab-bag of directories full of images.

Fortunately, a little experimentation showed that i Photo does not change the image files but stores this extra information in a separate database. The Imagemagick suite of tools comes with the identify program, which allows you to get a hash of just the image data.Since I had Time Machine backups (yes, plural—I rotate two Time Machine disks) I felt OK doing this. We only needed to because we had imported the same photos into multiple photo albums.We are really happy with the result :-) Update 2014/05/08: A few days ago I received a question to this post from Jeff Ruth. If you have a minute, could you please tell me how I can use your code, or do this a different way, without the program? The script was intended for developers, but if you want to try you have to copy the file ( to your local disk, then make it executable.(In your case, probably your wife's library, your daughter will just have to recreate her albums) If you have an external drive: Copy this primary library onto the external HDD, Get Info on the external and enable Ignore Permissions on the drive.Reference: If you don't have an external drive: Make copies of both i Photo libraries in the /Users/Shared/ folder. Find the secondary library in Finder, right click and chose "Show Package Contents".

Thus files whose content were identical, but had different names, would now end up with the same name.

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How to consolidate iPhoto. to El Capitan and wants to move his photos from iPhoto to Photos for. are from times I wasn’t using iPhoto at all. 
18-Jun-2018 08:17
Oct 31, 2017 Starting with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, your Mac includes the Photos app. If you were using iPhoto or Aperture before updating, learn more about upgrading to Photos on your Mac. 
18-Jun-2018 08:21
What is the best way to consolidate two iPhoto libraries into one library. Drag this folder onto the open iPhoto window and all photos should start to import. 
18-Jun-2018 08:25
How To Consolidate Your iPhoto Library and. By far one of the most common issues people have with iPhoto is too many photos. eventually consolidating your. 
18-Jun-2018 08:30
I have 3-4 different locations of my photos. Some of them have pictures that the others don't. I want to consolidate all my pictures in one place and then be able to delete duplicates. 
18-Jun-2018 08:35
I have been using iPhoto 6 on my MBP and had it reference all of my photos on an external harddrive. Then I started importing new photos directly from my camera, and I believe it saved them on the my local hard drive somewhere. 
18-Jun-2018 08:38
Consolidating all my photo files. Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jlirot. Repeat until you have all your photos into your main iphoto library. 
18-Jun-2018 08:42

Consolidating all photos in iphoto introduction

Consolidating all photos in iphoto

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