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Dirty random chat

In late 2008, I joined a new microprocessor group at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California, where I worked until the summer of 2010.I am presently back in Seattle and diving into all things cloud computing. Hi folks, I've been receiving a lot of emails asking about Windows 8.x updates of the emulators.Some users also shared a Twitter account purportedly belonging to Warren, which appeared to be fake and had emerged well after the protests were underway.Some commenters cited various sources (a conference call, an unspecified publication, articles that did not include the purported quote), but none of them checked out as a credible or related source.Starting with a green-screen 40-column Commodore PET in 1980 at my high school in Toronto Canada, I purchased my own Atari 400 in 1981 at age 15. That was followed by paid articles in other computer magazines, starting my own company at age 22 (what is now emulators.com), creating the first Atari ST emulator (Gemulator) and the first Apple Macintosh emulator for Windows (Soft Mac).Since then I've owned numerous Atari ST, VIC-20, Commodore 64, Apple II, Apple Macintosh and Windows computers. I moved to Seattle Washington in 1990 for a day job at Microsoft where I participated in the development of Windows XP and Vista, Office 95 and Office 97, Mac Office 98, Xbox 360, multiple releases of Visual Studio, and contributed to several papers including this one on "Time Travel Debugging", a technology that I helped develop at Microsoft Research.So how does Seagate top the 7200.4 drive this year?

The original poster of the image was asked for citations and asserted that the quote had been verified by “fact check” but provided no links to any such verification: Although a number of social media users supportive of the protests attempted to ascertain the quote’s validity (and opined that it looked implausible as presented), none of them was able to produce evidence the comments were authentic.For the past year, Seagate's leading notebook hard disk has been their 500-gigabyte Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS, a 7200-rpm SATA hard disk with 16 megabytes of disk cache.That notebook hard disk fared so well in my tests, I made it the standard hard disk in just about all of my notebooks and desktop machines.As before, I am giving these away to anyone that either sends me a suitably sized self-addressed stamped mailer large enough as you see to hold a typically sized Mac OS package, or sends me a Starbucks gift card of at least to cover a coffee and the cost of shipping you the package.Use the Starbucks option if you live outside of the United States, and you can order Starbucks gift cards online at of course to save yourself even going to a store.

System 7.5 (which as you can tell from the box was the version that Apple decided to rebrand as "Mac OS" from then on, is the last of the major 68000-compatible releases.

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Dirty random chat

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