World of warcraft beta updating setup files

And it seems other people as well are having this issue. or maybe a blue could shed some light on this issue? Hey Uluwatu, Would you be able to temporarily uninstall Trend Micro? I decided to do a fresh install of the game by downloading the client from the wow site. just a little over half way of the "World of Warcraft Setup - Updating setup files..." box it just doesn't want to progress any further.

There is the launcher icon (which launches you to the launch page first with news and stuff)...

*If you would like to install additional languages, click the "Change" button next to "Selected Languages" and check all applicable boxes.

We've put up forums where you can discuss the game, which you can find by going to and scrolling down to the beta forums.

I have a copy of wow on an external hard drive as a backup and I cant even play from that or copy it over as now the same problem occurs with that copy as well. ________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: up...

Ok, so I restarted, re-did the delete folder in progamdata. But then I get an internal error and it asks me to restart...

There was a bit of controversy regarding the Launcher as it was scanning the computer for malicious software, which some people believed to be an invasion of privacy. It does not obey the 'default' browser setting of Windows, and thus launches Internet Explorer when any link is clicked.

Although this may be fixed in the future, in the past the 'Trial' Launcher has been observed to have some links obey the Default setting, and other links not obey the setting.

Click "Manage"This will bring up "Computer Management"On the left pane on the very bottom there will be "Services and Applications"Click that, then click "Services"The pane on the right will refresh with all the services and applications. thanks everyone for the responses and ideas, they have failed to work for me. Trend Micro has a uninstallation tool.________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: I tried uninstalling trend micro altogether, this did not solve the problem.It has shown for the past couple days, I was able to avoid it by going to the wow directory and starting in the folder for the past couple days, however, this no longer seems to work.Progress bar will occasionaly jump ahead, then jump back.You are expected to follow the posting guidelines and forum Code of Conduct at all times while participating in any discussions.Maintaining a constructive dialog with fellow testers and Blizzard posters will help ensure the forums remain a positive place for discussing and providing feedback about Mists of Pandaria content.

The Launcher is optimizing your World of Warcraft install.

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Sometimes I can see 'loading launcher' or 'updating. Program FilesWorld of Warcraft and started. of the "World of Warcraft Setup - Updating setup files. 
05-Nov-2018 09:44
I've been downloading the beta for some days now few hours per day and when I closed the downloader, shut down the pc to go to sleep, I got stuck on "Updating setup files." 
05-Nov-2018 09:48

World of warcraft beta updating setup files introduction

World of warcraft beta updating setup files

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