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Xbox 360 nxe not updating

Edit 2: My console is DEAD and being sent in for repair. I guess the positive side of this is that I will get a free month of XBL Gold. That was somewhat of a pain, as my Xbox hasn't been online in some time as I got rid of the Mac Mini that I was using to get internet access to the 360 (since it doesn't have built-in wireless and there's no way in hell I was spending 0 on Microsoft's adapter). Al Case in point, it hasn't happened to me yet but my brother reports his trouble-free 360 until today has now frozen twice just browsing the blades. So it's like a big fat ad I just blow through to get to the goods. My girlfriend created her avatar tonight and we played around with the interface. I have my 360's linked to the PC for music and videos and what not. The difference...about 150 points LOL I may try one of them just to see what they are all about.

Yeah that isn't much but I am too cheap to pay for XBL so this way I can play online with my friends for a month. I did some digging and I was able to flash an old Linksys WAP54G with the great DD-WRT firmware.

Can't wait to try out some Netflix, but the HD install alone is worth the update. ) The option to copy games to the harddrive seems pretty intuitive - it's in the same menu that you'd access if you wanted to start the game. So despite the complaints of others, my first impression of NXE is a good one! As soon as I installed it the system started locking up and now it is a brick. I don't have time to get pissed and throw the thing through the window right now as I have to go to work. I will be watching my XBox closely, but hopefully that nastiness was an isolated incident. I've made my standard fat black lady avatar (same as my Wii), and now will just try and get through it quickly each time to the game I want to play. The first order of business was making sure everything was still working. I noticed they now have standard and premium themes now.

Seems to be working fine for me, although Marketplace seems to be very slow.

Hello, I just got an xbox 360 the other day and I can't seem to be able to update the system.

I went into system, test xbox live connection and everything goes fine and then it tells me "A console update is available from Xbox Live...

etc" then i press update now and it gives me : "Update Failed, can't download update test your connection...

The MAC Address for your Xbox 360 is displayed on the left side of the screen in a format like 12AB34CD56EF.

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If I happen to put in an Xbox-360 game. How can I stop Xbox 360 from updating when. Old Core models had less internal flash whereas the newer post-NXE Arcade. 
18-Jul-2018 17:22

Xbox 360 nxe not updating introduction

Xbox 360 nxe not updating

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